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 YS Computershop
An Internet shop belonging to Your System company, which offers and distributes whole range of goods: notebooks, stations, servers, palmtops, peripherals, accessories and complements. The shop is accessible from Your System’s website.

An article can be searched by type of goods (notebook, PC, notebook bag...) or by brand. It is also possible to combine these search criteria. Every product has its own card with detailed description and possibly including a picture, which appears on the screen just after clicking on the product’s name. The ordering process is carried out in the classical way, via shopping cart. The shopping process is restricted to registered partners who are assigned an access name and a password.

Put into operation: September 2000
Specialised Internet shop with a wide range of consumer components for printers, copiers, faxes, plotters and other office technology. A customer can select from the various types of ink, papers, foils and labels offered for sale. Over 2 500 types of devices and more than 1 800 kinds of materials are displayed on the server.

A knowledge database is used for a choice of goods, namely the link between a device and its consumer components. The customer chooses goods easily in 3 steps according to brand, type of device or consumer components. The system immediately displays all consumer components of a certain device. The main advantage is that a user does not need to know item numbers to order toners and cartridges for a certain device. Therefore, our shop offers only the right article with guaranteed functionality within a certain type of device. server was put into operation between 1997 and 1998. Our professionals provide complete operation of servers including technical devices, database update and solving issues relevant to the executing and distribution of orders. is a specialised internet shop offering memory modules from prestigious producers of brand-name IT products. Offered devices range widely, from different types of modules for PCs, notebooks and printers to workstations and high-performance servers. There is also a special offer of wide spectrum of flash cards for all types of digital cameras, MP3 player and other devices. Over 6 400 types of various memory modules for more than 1 800 kinds of devices are displayed on the server.

The shop,, follows this concept: "Tell us which device you have; we will offer you 100% functioning memory modules for that device". IT is based on an extensive frequently updated knowledge database. The customer enters the brand of the device and marks its type in a list. The system will only display memory modules that will function 100% with his/her device. Then just put goods in a shopping cart and send the order. We will send it within a few days via courier service.

Server was created according to its own graphical design and put in operation between in November 1998. Our professionals provide complete operation of the server including technical devices, database update and solving issues relevant to the executing and distribution of orders.

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