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What does RedShop offer from the vendor's point of view?Tisk/Print

Comfortable database administration
For the successful running of an Internet shop, it is necessary for the administration database containing information about goods and their prices to be as simple and well arranged as possible. The whole application is based on the Lotus Notes environment; therefore, database maintenance is very simple and can be done by any user.

To achieve well-arranged layout and easy orientation, the goods are viewed from perspectives defined during the implementation of the system, according to the vendor's requirements.
The most frequent overview is according to the producer or possibly according to a goods category.
New products can be added to or removed from an offer. Alternatively, it is possible to use full text search which helps you to find the required items speedily, e.g. by its name, its component parts, by its price etc.

Prices can be updated through price lists that are available from ODBC drivers (XLS, DBF, SQL formats and many more). Moreover, wide ranges of devices are available for the calculation of sales prices according to chosen criteria. After a change of price, it is not necessary to go through all the items and adjust prices. Thus current prices may be easily updated, even several times a day!

Monitoring orders
An overview of the state of order servicing is a necessary part of every successful Internet shop. RedShop allows it to monitor when, from whom and which order was sent, as well as individual steps during the servicing of its orders and possible changes to the order (e.g. customers' telephone requests).

The system also offers monitoring of each customer’s turnover, monthly or per annum and also the shop's gross turnover.

Shop can be connected to an internal information system, which immediately reflects orders in accountancy and stock control.

Automatic information update
The problem of maintaining current information in an Internet shop has two parts. The first one is physical maintenance on the vendor’s side, which meets his needs and is dependant on his judgement. The second one reflects changes of internal databases into the actual public Internet shop. In our RedShop application this part is fully automatic and does not demand specific knowledge of Internet technologies.

When the operating manager makes any changes in a database (adds or takes out a product, updates prices etc.), the application immediately updates even in public web section of a business. This process uses the capacity of Lotus Domino/Notes system to replicate data. In another words intelligent exchange of information happens between the intranet and the Internet server that run RedShop. During this process only altered information is transferred (not the complete content of business), which dramatically speeds up data update.

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