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Software requirements
Internet shop RedShop is an application created in Lotus Domino/Notes platform environment. To take full advantage of this platform, you must use the R5 version for both a client and a server. RedSys can also be run with some limitations on the older version 4.6.

Hardware requirements
Station - hardware requirements are identical to the standard office PC with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 operating system (at least Pentium processor, 32 MB of RAM, 4 GB of hard disk space). More RAM is recommended for a greater comfort (reduces swap-file use).

When using Lotus Notes client for stations with IBM OS/2 or MAC OS operating systems we recommend the same hardware requirements.

Server - the server's hardware requirements for Lotus Domino depend on the server load (number of users and visitors). Hardware requirements are marginally influenced by the choice of the server's operating system (e.g. much more memory is needed when Windows NT/2000 is used than with Linux). Generally, the minimal recommended configuration is Pentium II processor, 256 MB of RAM, hard disk 4 GB (SCSI is the best).

Using Lotus Domino server on non-Intel servers doesn't usually cause any problems with hardware configuration. The majority of these machines have excessive performance for the needs of Internet RedShop.

You can always consult our professionals about the choice of hardware. We can also estimate the workload of the server as we have experience with highly loaded servers in various operating systems.

Tabulku se specifikací jednotlivých systémů najdete zde.

Rental of a public server
In connection with hardware requirements, it is useful to point out the possibility of renting a server, also known as application hosting. Rented servers replace the need to own a public-accessible server (Internet server). Therefore, it is not necessary to buy hardware and software for 100 thousand CZK or more.

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