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Working with the ordering system on the client’s sideTisk/Print

RedDeal does not only offer mere overviews of the goods, its prices and state of stock, but also detailed information about previous orders and their invoicing. Everything is logically differentiated into graphic bookmarks, which you can switch by clicking.

A bookmark shows a view of offered goods divided into categories, so that the search is very simple and well arranged.

A card containing information about a completed order: prices, amounts, delivery terms and so on

Invoice items
A card offers a view of the positions of previous orders. Contains all the information about order numbers, prices, individual invoices due.

Other functions
According to your needs, any information that you wish to be visible for your customers can be filled in; for instance: list of receivables/liabilities or covering of orders.

Goods selection
A buying customer can browse the goods on offer, which are divided and sorted according to different criteria. This enables better orientation when ordering and faster searches for the required products. Basically, it consists of the following division:
· category of the goods / subcategory / producer
· producer /category of good / subcategory
· product code
· favourites or popular products

Realisation of access to the goods according to the habits of your profession is also a part of the system implementation.

Information about goods
When creating this ordering system we took into account that the customer has some idea about the offered goods. That above all allows the displaying of commercial information and only marginally the description of a product (mainly brief technical specification etc.), so that all the important information is accessible from one place and therefore speedily.

Usually displayed information:
· product's order code
· producer's brand
· article name
· final selling price
· dealer's price
· stock level
· technical description - general text describing offered goods

Other information can be shown according to your customers' needs and habits

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