Lotus Domino Hosting

Domino hosting allows you to run your own web server based on Lotus Domino server without the need of investition into your own hardware. You can hire a part of hardware and software capacity of our servers, connect to the internet backbone through Nextra.

The connection parameters are 2x100 Mbit/s into NIXu, 155 Mbit/s into European Nextbone network and 155 Mbit/s into Slovakia.

Goods of the service
The service is focused especially on clients using our RedApps applications. The use of the service cuts costs connected with creating and maintaining professional solutions. All in the philosophy of RedApps family: It makes you free from web publication problems!

For the convenience of this solutions tells also our references: Svet Hardware and e-komerce.cz to name a few. These examples shows that it is not necessary to have own hardware for a professional solution.

Price of Domino Hosting
The basic price is 1.900 Kč a month and is limited by 100 MB disk space and/or 1 GB monthly data transfer. Each additional 100 MB of disk space costs 500 Kč a moth and each additional 1 GB output data transfer costs 800 Kč per month.

The basic offer covers 90% of solutions such as web presences, company servers, smaller internet magazines. Prices for solutions with higher requirements are made individually.

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