What is RedShop and who are its users?

Internet shop RedShop is an application that enables you to offer goods to customers, not only on the Czech market, but also abroad. However, its operation requires no knowledge of Internet technology. RedShop helps you to react to a situation on the market faster and more effectively. All these aspects considerably reduce operating costs in comparison with the classic "brick & mortar" shop!

Through RedShop you can sell almost any kind of goods. It does not matter whether you wish to offer 30, 300, 3 000 or 30 000 items. The system grows alongside your firm, without any significant need for investments in its expansion. All you have to do is sell, not deal with the technical problems of running a shop, unlike the majority of current-day application!

RedShop introduces individual solutions to meet your requirements. Therefore, your shop will be unique as far as graphic and content are concerned. These are the features that attract customers, unlike the masses of identically created ”standard shops” that are flooding the Internet.

If you require reliable and secure Internet shop, which respects your image and is able to keep up with the development of your company then you need RedShop.

Who are the users of Internet shop RedShop?
Generally speaking they are all the companies offering goods to end customers, who demand detailed information and simple control over handled goods. Intuitive navigation while shopping and the potential of using a knowledge database for selection of goods replaces experienced shop assistants and allows RedShop to sell any kind of goods, ranging from products to information data files.

RedShop can be also used by smaller dealers with networks of partners all over the Czech Republic. Access to the system can be restricted by username and password. As a result, unauthorised users cannot view the product database. The Lotus Domino/Notes platform, on which RedShop is based, ensures high level of security.

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