Price of RedDeal system

Price policy
The price of the RedDeal system is not fixed, it depends on specific applications according to the needs of the customer. We do not sell "a box ", but a complex solution made to measure. The price of the system and related services consists of following items:

a) price for the licence of an ordering system

b) price for the implementation of the system

c) price for web hosting

d) prices for possible connection of the system to our other Internet applications (RedSys, RedShop)

Every item refers to individual steps of the realisation of the project. To launch the RedDeal system, it is not necessary to carry out to the full extent, all of the steps mentioned above. The total purchase price depends on the selected solution.

RedDeal system licence
A RedDeal system licence for one WWW server costs 50 000 CZK. A server is defined as an engine operating a specific WWW server.

A licence includes all the available functions. A customer never pays more for any existing function.

Implementation of RedDeal system
Implementation of the system forms the second part of the acquisition price. All the work done before the WWW server is put into operation is understood as implementation. It can include design consultation, layout and graphics proposals, realisation of graphic design and individual functions in accordance with customer requirements. In simple terms, the licence contains basic building units by which we implement an original - unique server. It is hard to assess the exact price in advance because the work extent differs from case to case. We charge a price of 800 CZK/per hour; typical implementation refers to 40 - 80 thousand CZK, which is 50 - 100 hours of work. If you wish, we are able to evaluate the extent of work and therefore, the total price in advance on the basis of relatively detailed information.

RedDeal web hosting server
We offer WWW server hosting with RedDeal system on our web server situated on a Nextra backbone network (formerly Telenor Internet). Price for hosting: 1.900 CZK/per month for up to 100 MB of data, 500 CZK/per month for every extra 100 MB of data with a limit of 1 GB of outgoing data. In the case of higher requirements we can work out a detailed offer.

Rental of RedDeal system licence
In combination with WWW server hosting, we offer renting of a licence of the ordering system, RedShop. The customer doesn't pay the cost (50 000 CZK) of the licence, but only monthly payments of 2.750 CZK, which is added to the cost of hosting. The price of implementation remains the same, but the total cost of purchase is lowered.

Combination of RedDeal system with other applications
One of the possibilities of extending the RedDeal ordering system is to combine with the editorial system RedSys. Prices and conditions for application of RedSys correspond to the prices for RedDeal ordering system (licence, implementation, hosting and rental of application).

Another option of extension is integration of Internet shop RedDeal with the application RedShop. This application represents a solution to Internet shopping through which goods are offered to end customers. Application RedShop has its own presentation.

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