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Topology of the system RedDealTisk/Print

The basic concept of the system counts on clients using RedDeal server, while providers have RedDeal Forward server placed on a WWW server. RedDeal server is connected to the firm database containing information about offered goods and stock levels. RedDeal Forward server transfers queries sent by RedDeal clients from browsers to the database. The product database of the trader is protected by a firewall, so that there is no risk of undesirable data manipulation or possible breaking into of the RedDeal server or internal information system.
This topology of the system is suitable for frequent wholesale trading and all cases of connection to closed database systems.

RedDeal server
The server interprets clients' queries from HTTP protocol to database query forms (SQL server, DB2, Informix, dBase etc.). It runs on Windows NT or UNIX platforms.

RedDeal Forward server
CGI script is the intermediary between the client and RedDeal server - an important safety element, the firewall, is configured to let pass only RedDeal server queries. It runs on the platforms of WWW servers with CGI script support.

RedDeal client
The client part, which is created in JAVA, requires JAVA Virtual Machine (included in MS IE 4.0 and higher, in other cases JVM installation is necessary).
Available in EXE form, which is capable of: on-line connection to the database, off-line work with price lists obtained while on-line, off-line work with price lists sent by email.

The client JAVA applet can be part of WWW pages.

This is not the only model of the functioning of the ordering system. RedDeal server can be combined with an internal information system by using an SQL server. This concept is convenient for commercial systems with a lower number of visitors and has greater requirements regarding hardware configuration of the firm server, which processes both queries of RedDeal Forward server and of internal databases.

There is also a less extended version of the configuration, where the RedDeal server is completely outsourced on our servers placed on the backbone network. Then RedDeal server, RedDeal Forward server and also the database of products are placed on our servers and only batch updating of the firm database is carried out. Even for this configuration, maximum security of data is provided (communication is done via coded protocol with a firewall).

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