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Internet shop RedShop offers goods to customers in two different methods: direct sale or goods selection based on a knowledge database. Both methods can function separately or can be combined according to your specific needs.

Goods selection through a knowledge database
This method of sale is applicable to goods that are not to be used directly (consumed), but that are part of a larger whole. Linking items in this fashion is very useful when choosing goods.

The above-mentioned links can be best explained with an example:

You sell paints. We apply different paints to wood and metal. Paint for metal can be acetone, synthetic, or water-soluble, paint for wood can be synthetic, boiled oil paint or water-soluble. Each of the paints has three different colour tones - black, white, blue. The customer using our knowledge database during the choice of paints is logically (step by step), directed in the following way:

1. Which undercoat will you apply: metal or wooden? Say, he chooses metal.

2. What kind of paint will you choose: acetone, synthetic or water-soluble? (NB: the system won’t offer boiled oil paint, because it is not suitable for metal surfaces)
Say, he chooses acetone.

3. Which colour tone do you prefer: white, black, blue? He chooses blue.

Subsequently, the system chooses all the paints out of our database, which are acetone, of blue colour tone, and are applicable to metal. Then the customer just puts the needed goods in the shopping cart, fills in the order form and sends it.

This example simplifies the choice of paints. However, even if structure of the query is more complicated, the customer will still be directed to the fastest and best choice and then to the resulting order.

In a similar way, knowledge databases are suitable when the offered assortment of goods is too wide and the customer could have a problem with going through the offer. This database replaces or surpasses to a certain degree an experienced shop assistant. On the other hand, building of such a knowledge databases isn't easy - it demands good knowledge about the goods you sell.

Goods selection according to categories
Presently, this method is most widespread because it is based on classic price lists, which are available to every vendor. Goods are divided into certain categories according to the producer, type and other criteria. Goods are selected by searching through what’s on offer according to category and then choosing the desired articles.

After finding the desired goods, just click and put them into the shopping cart, fill in an order form and send it.

The method of a direct sale can be applied where the customer can be assumed to have knowledge about the assortment and where the range of the offer allows for simple orientation.

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