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Topology of the RedShop applicationTisk/Print

RedShop application uses two servers: Internet Server (public server) and Intranet Server (private server). While Lotus Domino and RedShop run on both servers, data exchange (replication) between servers is conducted via Internet. This replicating process is one of the most powerful features of Lotus Domino/Notes system. It could be briefly described as a smart mutual data transfer of changed data only. In this way time required, transfer rate and capacity of both communicating sides are reduced.

Intranet RedShop server is a part of the local area network. It contains an information database of products offered for sale via the Internet, updated by the sales manager. The Intranet server is an information base for the web server placed on the backbone network of the Internet provider. Mutual connection is protected via direct link by a firewall.

Internet RedShop server works as any other Internet server of this type. It sends demanded information to the Internet query information (information about a product and in return, information about the customers order). It is not necessary to physically own a server to ensure the proper functioning of the whole system. We also offer web hosting on our Lotus Domino server placed on the backbone network.

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