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What is RedDeal and who can use it?Tisk/Print

RedDeal is a business-to-business ordering system suitable for distributors and wholesalers; it can be used everywhere the customers are knowledgeable about the goods they’re buying. RedDeal makes the communication between you and your customers much faster and simpler as well as reducing running costs.

RedDeal system belongs to the most complex ordering system in its category. It virtually runs on all operating systems, servers and additional functions can be added. By using encrypted data transfer technology, it offers the highest level of security.

Simplifying communication
The whole process of ordering goods is conducted by a customer via a browser. The goods are divided into categories in which you can list or search according to different criteria. After logging into the system the customer does not only see the current price, but also whether the goods are in stock and if not, when they’ll be available. To order goods, it’s enough to simply select the items and send the order. In the overview, the orders are traceable.
On the vendor’s side, all the orders are recorded into the database, which can be connected to the internal system. Information about the ordered goods shows automatically in the database.

The clients’ side of RedDeal system uses Java applets and a tree structured database, so that listing in the overview of goods is fast and doesn’t influence the data-transfer when shifting to another category. There is also an off-line version of RedDeal client, which enables the downloading of current data from the vendor's server and works off-line on your own computer. An Order is then executed in the same way: the customer selects the goods and connects to the Internet to send the order.

The structure of the database is in accordance with the current supply of the vendor and updates automatically. Whenever an item or category isn’t on offer, almost immediately it is registered by the RedDeal system. The same applies when the stock is replenished.

Advantages of the electronic communication
The Internet technology used by RedDeal ordering system allows customers to access the database of goods, wherever and whenever they need. Current information about the assortment of goods, prices, and delivery times is always available. Electronic communication with customers considerably accelerates and simplifies the ordering process.

Cutting costs
RedDeal ordering system can replace printed price lists and catalogues, which significantly increase the vendor’s expenses. The expense of employees is lower because of timesaving execution of telephone/fax orders, which leads to higher effectiveness.

Who is RedDeal for?
Ordering system RedDeal is aimed at middle- and large-size companies that deal with wholesale activities or any other sales based on a net of traders. Because Internet communication is currently accessible from any place equipped with a telephone line or covered by mobile signal, it is not dependent on the size of a region.
The system alone cannot replace distribution of goods, but it speeds up an ordering process and simplifies the administration. This system was run by one of the largest distributors of computer components in the Czech Republic.

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