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What does RedShop offer from the customer’s point of view?Tisk/Print

Nowadays, customers request fast operating, well arranged layout, comfortable control and detailed information about goods. All these features were taken into account during creation of RedShop.

Speed is always influenced by graphical processing, but mainly by the technical solution of looking through offered goods. Using the knowledge database speeds up choosing goods, which proceeds in a few steps (usually 2 - 5). The customer limits selection of goods through defined criteria during each step. After every step the response of the system is very fast, even if the offer is extensive (more than 10 000 kinds of goods)

Well-arranged layout
All the references related to important information are constantly available for customers.
Choice of goods takes place within one window and chronologically. Only the most important information about goods is displayed, but if in need of detailed information it is possible to click on the name of goods.

Comfortable control
The purchased goods are put into an electronic shopping cart and the number of items can always be changed. The buying process ends by filling in the order form where you choose the method of payment (also on-line payment via Expandia bank system or Paegas GSM Banking can be used).

Information about goods
Every offered product has its own "information card", where all the available information is stated. Ranging from the basic information about name of the product, producer, price excluding and including VAT, to technical specifications, the most suitable use, packaging etc. An image of the product is also included.

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